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Treeway Education is a full-featured set of educational tools and resources made by and for JWs. As Jehovah’s Witnesses we strive to be “no part of the world,” so it is important to find and use homeschooling resources that are free of worldly themes that conflict with our faith. This can be difficult and frustrating. Our goal is to provide resources that make that process easier for parents.
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We offer an extensive suite of curriculum tools made by and for JW families. Everything is done for you and ready for you and your children to use in their schooling.
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We've been providing free & premium learning resources for over 5 years. Our trusted tools have been used by thousands of JW families around the world and downloaded millions of times.
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We're always looking for qualified JW teachers, and Instructors to join our team. You can reach out for more info through below.
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