Membership & Registration.

We are currently accepting registration for the 2020-2021 school year. Students in Grades Pre-K to 2nd are being accepted at this time. Your first months fee is due upon registration.

Kindergarten Registration

Currently accepting registration for children aged 5-6. Our kindergarten curriculum focuses on providing easily digestible curriculum tools perfect for new learners.
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1st Grade Registration

Currently accepting registration for 1st grade students, between the ages of 6-7. Our first grade curriculum presents a balance of Theocratic approach to learning and life.
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2nd Grade Registration

2nd grade registration is open for students aged 7-8. Our 2nd grade program mirrors both our K/1 program structure and encourages students to perfect and gain further confidence in the skills learned in previous grades.
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Preschool Registration

Preschool registration is open for students aged 4 and under. Our preschool program aims to keep children engaged through the learning process with interactive learning elements. Theocratic and Biblical ideas are happily infused into our learning system.
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The benefits of the Treeway Education network are many and comprise the foundation of your child's future success.

The mission of our educational network is to provide a Theocratic based education that is affordable and catered to our faith and ideals as JWs. We focus heavily on keeping offensive and unscriptural content out of our curriculum tools.

In order to provide the resources available, we rely on strategic partnerships between families and parents who desire to connect and invest in the resources that we provide online.

Our membership covers instructional services, live classes, real Instructor and student interactions, among other important aspects of education and the day-to-day operation of our resources and network of websites.

Education at Treeway Education provides lifelong value, but we understand that everyone who wants to attend may not be able to afford it. As such, we diligently work to help qualified families close the gap between what they can afford and the cost of the resources available through Treeway.

Each academic year we provide financial assistance 25 families who, for financial reasons, could not otherwise attend the school. Every family is considered. Financial assistance decisions are based upon the need of the family and have no bearing on our admission decisions.

We encourage you to review the financial assistance options available and to email us if you have additional questions on how to apply.

Contact Us.

  • PO Box 448, Sikeston MO
If you have any questions about registration or our schooling resources please contact us using the form to the right.

This form is only for information regarding our education resources and should not be used to contact us in regards to any other websites not connected to our educational services.

Please allow us 5-10 Business days to respond to your inquiry.