Membership Options

Treeway's Mission is to assist parents of Witness children by providing educational resources that are free of evolutionary doctrines, political bias, holidays, and Christian schooling that introduces interfaith.

Since we offer so much, you can find a simplified breakdown of our membership options below. You can also contact us with additional questions!


    Treeway Academy is a complete, structured curriculum. You're provided with 40 weeks of lessons in various subjects that include videos, worksheets, books & access to live classes. No prep-work, just easy learning!



    10 Monthly Live Classes + Guided Curriculum

    Unlimited Live Classes + Guided Curriculum

    Grades K-4th, Ages 5-10


      JW Homeschooling is a supplementary directory of teaching tools. Worksheets, books, 3d models, and other interactive tools are available. This is ideal for adding to your current educational program.

      All Access

      Unlimited access to over 350 learning resources

      Grades PreK-5th, Ages 3-12

      "Finally, my son is excited to do school again. Quarantine and starting home schooling has been hard on him but having these live classes make him happy and excited again to learn." -Brittany M. 1st-grade mom, USA